What…The Best of Greece

Where… Kefalonia, Greece

And…Too Much Good Food & Robola!

Greek cuisine doesn’t often come to mind with people these days when they are listing their top 10 most loved cusines. However, for myself Greek food sits at the No.1 spot!

It takes confidence for any chef in a high end restaurant, or any other for that matter, to serve a dish in its most simplistic form with nothing else on the plate, however the Greeks have this talent. Yes there are many bad Greek restaurants, and yes a lot of them can be found in Greece, but if you step back from the touristy areas and search a little harder you will find the delights of some of the freshest produce, simple and perfectly prepared.

So next time you’re in the beautiful country of Greece (a favourite of mine) take a little time to explore another road or pathway and you will not be disappointed!