My La Cantina Experience Cuidad en Mexico

What… La Cantina

Where… Ciudad en Mexico

And… What an experience!

The concept of La cantina is to match your traditional Mexican food and drink, and

what a fantastic match they create. To accompany my local beer, I was first offered

some almonds. Ok. I hear you say! Nothing very exciting about some nuts! You

would be wrong, they had been tossed in a mix of spices, chilli and paprika. The

perfect accompaniment to my ice cold beer.

Next came a dish of macaroni cheese. Yes you read that correctly, and I can put

both hands on my heart and tell you that it was the best macaroni cheese I have ever

eaten. It had some serious heat, and yet it was cooling and sticky on the lips from the

cheese. It was perfect.

Having not eaten all day I was ready for my next dish, Pozole, a stunning broth which

is served with giant corn kernals, shredded chicken and extra sides of cabbage, lime,

coriander, radish, avocado and extra chilli for those who dare. Served alongside

were Tostados with an extremely hot habanero sauce which I topped with sour


This dish became close to my heart and displays a lot of what Mexican cuisine is all

about – great dishes simply full of flavour with every mouthful being the perfect

contrast of vibrant flavours.


What… The Tasting Menu

Where… L’Enclume, the amazing well acclaimed Two Star Michelin Restaurant run

by Chef Simon Rogan, found in the beautiful, picturesque village of Cartmel in the

Lake District.

And… What an exquisite dining experience.

From the aperitif of English sparkling white wine, through the five outstandingly

moreish canapés, with each bite full of tantalizing flavours, your taste buds are

continuously excited, anticipating what is to come….