About Me

Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to read about my passion.
Thomas DuffinI have been lucky enough to experience extensive travel, visiting Central and South America, Thailand, Malaysia, Africa and many European Countries. This travel has allowed me to experience many cultures and interact with a wide range of people, which has helped to develop my personality and helped me converse and connect with people in many work situations.

Travel has also initiated one of my main passions in life- food. Being fortunate enough to taste the extremes of street food to Michelin Star restaurants has contributed to my belief that flavour is the key to all great food. Studying different cuisines and following food trends through magazines, food blogs, T.V and eating out, as well as enjoying browsing through the shops and stalls of retailers excites me. I have enjoyed organising trend tours for customers whilst at Ingredion and always enjoy creating new products and dishes, at home or work using my perceptive palette to create new, or enhance more familiar flavours.